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 Đăng ngày 15-03-2017

Hoang Vu Laptop Repair Center introduces you to how to replace vga laptop chip with the latest chip maker technology with 100% success rate for all current mainstream laptop laptops.

Experienced over 10 years in the field of repairing professional laptops in general and specializing in vga laptop in particular. Almost all of us have replaced all the vga chips on the mainboard. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge for each chip. So we have the best solution for each chip. The Huangpu Center is one of the hardest to replace the most difficult chip codes from the core 2 such as the IBM T60, IBM T61, and so on. We have successfully replaced the chip code on.

Currently the Vga chips are designed by engineers of the company or not only one single main. Therefore, the technique of replacing these chips requires the very high skill of senior technicians. Our combination of experience and state-of-the-art machinery makes for the most perfect technical quality, providing the best solution for each type of vga chip on the main laptops. You can refer to the video channel HV Chanel on youtube to refer to the process of replacing the vga chips we have done in a professional way to have a closer look at the technology of replacing the vga Laptop at Our center.


Hoang Vu would like to send you a reference price for the service of replacing the vga Laptop chip in our center, with different chips of different cost depending on the input price of each type of chip. For more information on replacing the vga laptop, you can call us on Hotline: 0916 472 445 Mr Vu or send a message via Hoang Vu's Facbook for the most professional advice and answers.