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Experience to edit Ipad

Đăng ngày 07-03-2017
With long experience in the field of Ipad repair in Ho Chi Minh. Hoang Vu Center shared with you the experience of repairing the Ipad on the common mistakes Ipad that we have repaired over the years.


+ Experience repair Ipad Mini 1, Mini2. For ipad Mini 1, the power failure caused by the source IC is very often folded out. Mini 1 is very error screen. Mini 2 is the error of the screen more than Mini 1. However, when using the Ipad Mini, the most common failure of the glass tank is the most.
Ipad 2 repair experience: Ipad 2 often crashed the screen cable, damaged speakers, broken glass and lost Imei is the most.
+ Ipad 3 repair experience: Ipad 3 brings a special error is the error on the touch sensor.
Ipad 4 repair experience: Ipad 4 has a lot of hard drive error, some cases of microprocessor error is not overcome and replaced.
+ Ipad Air 1 repair experience: This line is characterized by a microprocessor chip error. This error is very difficult to fix. In addition, these versions also crash hard drive, screen, camera ...
+ Ipad Air 2 repair experience: This product line is characterized by the IC error on the main.

Hoang Vu Center also received unlock all cases of Ipad device was Icloud by professional hardware in Ho Chi Minh.