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Experience Replacing the Glass

Đăng ngày 07-03-2017
Replacing the glass at Hoang Vu Center you are committed to quality service # 1. We have many years experience in the field of laminated glass will bring you a quality glass laminated quality products of producer.


Hoang Vu Center with many years of serving customers with the improvement of glass technology through many stages, we send to you the results of glass pressing as follows:
1. Experience the selection of components for glass: We use zin glass, the best imported in Hong Kong and approved quality before use. Glass suppliers must be reputable and experienced partners in the industry.
2. Repairing glass-making technology: At present, Hoang Vu Center uses glass-processing equipment imported from Hong Kong. With the supply partner is a brand manufacturer in the region, ensuring the quality of finished products achieve the best quality.
3. Technician team to replace the glass: Human resources glass over 3 years experience in the profession, ensure the skill and skill of glass laminate proficient and most accurate for each product.
4. Reflective processing experience: Hoang Vu Center recommends that you replace the reflective lenses for stained or stained cases to ensure the best quality for the screen.
5. Experience cutting glass: The technique of cutting glass by hand cutter is still best today. However, requiring cutting techniques must be experienced and careful for each individual product.