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Experience laptop repair

Đăng ngày 07-03-2017
Hoang Vu Center was established in 2008. Experienced many years in the field of laptop repair. We have successfully built a professional repair process with a team of experienced technicians for many years.
We are confident to provide you "only 5 star standard repair service" in Vietnam today.


Hoang Vu Center will share with you some laptop repair experience to solve some of the anxiety problems that you are facing when your computer folding trouble.
+ "FOR CHIP VGA CASE". This is a problem that appeared in 2007, it lasts to the present time. We would like to analyze this error is due to chip structure error. The cause is due to the manufacturing error of the chip, in some cases due to use in an unreasonable temperature environment triggers. Fix this problem by replacing the new Vga Laptop chip or by switching to Onboard car. We strongly recommend that you do not stack the Vga chip because it is not high quality and frequently fails.
+ ": For source error case". This is also a big demand on all electronic devices so you choose the source ic replacement method is complete. In some cases other causes of loss of power, we continue to measure and overcome.
+ "For the case of faulty equipment". This error usually folds and we replace the original 12 month warranty parts are the best.

Please contact us via hotline: 0916 472 445 Mr Vu for advice and sharing experience repair Laptop most specific.