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Experience Iphone repair

Đăng ngày 07-03-2017
Hoang Vu Center is a reputed Iphone repair center in Ho Chi Minh. With years of experience in electronic repair, we are confident to provide you with the best solution for your Iphone when the problem.


Hoang Vu Center sent to you Iphone repair experience that we have summarized in many years of work as follows:
+ Iphone 5, 5s, 5c. These products often break down the screen due to breakage, HDD failure due to manufacturing faults, camera damage, mains failure due to falling water. In addition, we receive unlocked Icloud with a lot of hardware. Cause is because you forgot Icloud account or donate without remembering the account.
+ Iphone 6 Plus: We want to share this special and special line. With the disease paralysis, disorder, jerking, folding touch very much on this line of the iPhone. Cause the above error is the user dropped or in some cases caused by the manufacturer. We fix this in 1 hour work is complete. We further argue that this product line often defects the camera after a lot.
+ Iphone 6s plus line: This line is usually error Camera, wifi error ye6y1 and lost the picture tube. For these errors, relatively easy to repair with the long-term warranty.
+ Iphone 7 Plus series has many camera errors. We processed by the method of replacing the new camera is done.

There are also many diseases you when you call us through the hotline: 0916 472 445 Mr Vu to be advised on each case.