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 Đăng ngày 15-03-2017

Service transfer Vga left Vga Share in the center of the Center with many years experience. We are confident to provide you the solution to move vga into professional and fast vga share in Ho Chi Minh.

Currently, all mainstream manufacturers that allow to move from vga to vga share we have successfully implemented over 90% of the mainboard code in the market today.

We strongly recommend that you choose the solution of moving vga to vga share for cases of vga chips that the manufacturer allows to transfer successfully. The reason for increasing the life of the motherboard as well as meet the needs of using laptops without the need for removable vga chips. This is the solution that Hoang Vu Center wants you to aim for the most in the case of Vga errors.

At the center of Huang Wu, you can sit and wait in some cases the mainboard switch simple. However, there are some complicated motherboard code, you have to wait time from 2h to 48h to complete the repair operation.